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About Us
Polyafric’s core competencies and value add are:
Its local market(s) knowledge and client relationships.
Logistics operation (with a dedicated office in South Africa)
Ability to hold inventory with warehousing in DRC and Angola
We are a relatively small company allowing us to be nimble and to operate in volatile markets while maintaining short decision cycles
We are financially sound and able to accept the credit risk of our clients
Polyafric is an ideal candidate partner for manufacturers both large and small who would like to establish a beachhead in the markets within which we operate. We typically enter into a partnership (agents, exclusive agents, JV etc) with various manufacturers, and with an established infrastructure, expertise and resources in our markets, we are able to accelerate the ROI for a market entrant or a company wanting to expand its coverage.

Our model is a partnership focused enterprise on both the supply (manufacturer) as well as demand (distributor). More recently we have earmarked several diversification projects. The first of these is the vertical integration of the steel products business and has resulted in the establishment of a welded wire mesh production facility in Luanda Angola.